Friday, 2 May 2014

Parisian Weekend

Hi all!

In april, I headed off to Paris for a weekend as a 21st birthday present, and it was amazing. I had never been to Paris before but I have always wanted to go, so my parents sent me on my way with a half empty suitcase and a purse full of euros. 

I spent the weekend with my friend Mathew who is currently studying abroad in France, and we got drunk, went sightseeing, and, most importantly, went to Disneyland! I thought I would post some of my outfits, considering that all I'm wearing in real life at the moment is library-friendly comfortable clothing and its not very exciting.

Dress (Worn as Top)- Missguided//Skirt-F&F at Tesco// Boots- H&M//Chain-H&M

On our first night we jumped on a metro and took the short trip to Bastille for a night out. (The name combined with some alcohol meant that I kept singing Bastille songs!)
I had been travelling since early that morning, and then we took the very long walk up to Sacre Couer, so I wanted to wear something which was nice, but comfortable. I love this skirt and couldn't believe when I saw it in Tesco for £20. Total Bargain!

Coat- Oasis//Top-Topshop//Skirt-Topshop//Shoes-Nike Blazers//Sunglasses-M&S

The second day was spent sightseeing, walking around Paris, and of course, Shopping! I eventually got to experience Sephora, and the most amazing Zara I've ever been in before. It was extremely difficult to leave everything in there. (But spot the cheeky Zara bag in the pic above.... oops!)

Top-eBay//Skirt-Topshop//Jacket-Warehouse//Shoes-Nike Blazers

Then came the best thing EVER- DISNEYLAND!! I was running around like a little child at christmas, and these Minnie Mouse ears definitely stayed on my head the whole time I was there. I even managed to pluck up the courage to go on a rollercoaster, which, if you know me, is a big deal because I am a massive Chicken!

I had such a fabulous time in Paris, and I cannot wait to go back!