Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Jewellery Edit

I love statement necklaces. Give me a chunky chain and a bit of bling and I'm a happy bunny. These three necklaces are a few out of my (admittedly too) large collection, and the three that I wear most.
The jeweled Accessorize number is my ultimate fave. It goes with so much because of the range of colours, and the fact that it makes something simple, like a black tank and jeans or a LBD look better.
The chunky gold chain goes with literally EVERYTHING. it was a bargainous £5 from H&M and 6 months after purchase it still hasn't tarnished at all. Fabulous.
The black bow necklace is in my favourites list for sentimental reasons probably. My sister bought it for my 21st, and it also looks pretty good with my favourite CĂ©lfie tee.

As you can probably tell, I love a good set of stacking rings, and midi rings are my newest jewellery obsession. Most of these are H&M which is my ultimate favourite jewellry stand on the high street, but my absolute favourites are my Pandora stacking rings.
The crown ring was also a 21st present from my sister and the other two were christmas presents from Mum. My family have very good taste!
The two arrow midi rings have got a little tarnished, but I quite like how that has made them look, so I actually wear them more now.

All of these were birthday presents, and all are now items I can't imagine not having to hand when accessorising.
A Watch should be an essential item in everyone's wardrobe, and I love the simplicity  of this one. A few diamonds without too much bling, and nice neat face which doesn't look too chunky on my wrists.
My Pandora bracelet was a 21st present from my flatmates, and the charms were both for my birthday as well. I much prefer the rope style bracelets to the original chain style, and the colour matches my rings perfectly.
My final favourite piece of jewellery is my rose gold Swarovski bracelet. Its one of those items which I don't wear everyday, but I know that I'll pull out for a special occasion for years to come.