Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Style Inspiration: Kate Hudson

This weeks Saturday style inspiration is the beautiful Kate Hudson, who I never used to think of when asked for style inspirations, but after seeing her in this dress at the Tiffany Gala last week, I googled her and discovered that she has some amazing style!

Of course, as well as this, Kate has also been Elle's cover star for their May issue, and she looks stunning for that. The interview with her inside is hilariously funny as well. She always seems to be well dressed, and it appears that she has a wardrobe bursting with beautiful things, but then that probably happens when your BFF is the one and only Stella McCartney. With Goldie Hawn for a mother and Matt Bellamy as a FiancĂ©, it seems she always has a stylish person at her side too. 

Friday, 26 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition: Part 1

Sightseeing in Paris

Paris is my dream destination, and I'm currently the last person in my family that hasn't visited. I know, so unfair! I'm begging my sister to save up so that we can book a few days there this summer, just so I can stand outside Coco Chanel's house for hours and stare.

Street style in Paris is so chic and sophisticated  and this is my ultimate sightseeing outfit to blend in with the locals! The obligatory Breton top gets a cute 2013 makeover with some black lace trim from Warehouse (£21), and I would pair it with this midi length, Topshop skirt (£48), as this is such a simple, but classic look, and I would totally bag myself a hot french boyfriend dressed like this!

Speaking of bags, I've fallen in love with this Orange Zara beauty (£29.99), and this would add the necessary pop of colour to the monochrome look, (and lets all remember how much I love monochrome!) and its still big enough to hold all those essentials I carry but definitely do not need. And last but not least, the shoes! I know that for sightseeing it should be comfort all the way, but look at them, and lets face it, we should all suffer for fashion!

You can get the details on how to enter the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition by clicking here

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Saturday Style Inspiration: Lauren Conrad

This weeks style inspiration is Lauren Conrad. She started her famous life as a reality TV star and now is well known and respected in the fashion industry. I used to watch the hills as avidly as I now watch Made in Chelsea, but I was so hooked on Lauren's life, mainly because she started as an intern at Teen Vogue and I would definitely give an arm and a leg to be able to do that. 

Her style is so simple. She can do casual perfectly, and her red carpet looks are often TO DIE FOR! I especially love the red dress in the last picture, so chic and gorgeous. I would be lying if I didn't say she was part of the reason I dip-dyed my hair, and often try to make it go wavy like hers (and definitely always fail.)

I often stalk LC on pinterest, and constantly repin from her boards. Her life seems so perfectly organised and I'm a major scatterbrain so I could probably learn a thing or two from her.

Friday, 19 April 2013

So 20's not THAT scary....

It's been a while hasn't it? I've been home for the Easter holidays so I thought it would be nice to switch off so I could spend time with all the people I missed while I was away. Plenty of things happened while I was home, the biggest of which being- I turned 20!! Yes that's right, I am now officially no longer a teenager and am progressing into adulthood slowly but steadily.
That is a totally terrifying prospect, especially since I only have one more year left of student life. I avoided it for about a week, but eventually had to go changing my age on all my social networking bio's. That's a tedious job if ever there was one. 
Oasis Pattern Trouser H&M Jacket

Staying on the subject of birthdays but veering more towards the exciting bit, lets talk pressies! I got lots of attention, cake and fun times, but my family also spoiled me with the presents this year.
H&M Jacket
My sister bought me this gorgeous mint Jacket from H&M, which will be a perfect wardrobe addition for summer. I've wanted a tweed jacket for a while now, and I think stealing borrowing hers a few times made her realise its exactly what I needed. I love jackets, because they can change a look completely, as well as being the fash-signal to say that spring has finally arrived.

Oasis Pattern Trouser
The next beautiful present is courtesy of Mum, who definitely appreciates my love for a good pair of flowery, patterned trousers. I think I must look longingly at a pair nearly every time we go shopping, so she definitely got the hint on that one. Both her and my sister know me too well. I can't wait to style these up with some cute ballet flats and my denim jacket.

Having a birthday in springtime is brilliant, its basically a way to sort your entire new season wardrobe out in one go, and it definitely makes being 20 a little bit easier if I can look good while doing it.