Monday, 30 April 2012

Red Soled Shoes.

Tonight sees the launch of the long-anticipated (by me anyway!) exhibition of the work of Christian Louboutin. The exhibition, which takes place from tomorrow (01 May) until July 9th at the Design Museum in London.

When I first heard about the exhibition I was very excited and instantly started planning my attendance the last time I was in London, but I was over-eager and got the dates very wrong! However, I may still have the opportunity to attend and if I do, I will take that opportunity and run with it, possibly dragging my family along for the ride! (Much to my Dad's dismay....)

I have spent the last hour eagerly following the live tweets of the launch courtesy of Elle and Grazia and looking at Pictures on Vogue's website. I need to start saving for my dream pair. 

Every fashionista will appreciate Louboutin's work, and most people I know see them as being a work of art rather than just a shoe. From the Iconic, trademark Red soles, to the individuality of every one, the designer himself sees the shoes as special, but has said that one of the difficulties of the exhibition is that the shoes are being viewed as objects and not being worn. "When I am designing it starts from a sketch but is never complete until the moment of seeing it on someone's foot," he says.

Donna Loveday, the curator of the exhibit, wanted to explore the designers inspiration and background story when she started the exhibit twelve months ago. "When we started I knew that women adored his shoes," said Loveday, "but we wanted visitors to come away with an understanding of how he designs, what inspires him, and to look at his work in progress."

Below are some of my favourite shoes being featured in the exhibit.
Pictures courtesy of

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Loan Day Lovelies!

Tomorrow is the day all you students out there have been waiting for. After (barely) surviving Easter break on your overdraft and parental handouts (and in my case, birthday money) You are all officially rich again. This calls for one thing, a Shopping Spree! Naughty me, well, lets just call it research.

1. Striped Maxi Skirt: £75.00- Miss Selfridge
This is my Ideal summer piece. Maxi Skirts are my favourite thing ever! this material and design is so feminine!

2. Glitter Sole Sandals: £50.00- Topshop
I am a self-confessed Flatform Hater! and although I have been told by Victoria that these aren't really flatforms, I do believe they are the closest thing to a pair that I have actually liked. they are everything I usually dislike in a shoe, but they are SO CUTE!

3. Bird Print Shorts: £18.99- Missguided
Printed shorts are one of the items that I find myself reaching for every summer. I love a bit of bird print too. and lets be honest, even if it wasn't loan day, the price tag wont have us passing out in shock!

4. Blue Stone Ring: £8.91- Etsy
I am constantly on the lookout for quirky jewellery, and this ring is different, without being too flashy. Also, what a BARGAIN!

5. White Cutout Dress: £37.00- Miss Selfridge
This dress ticks so many trend boxes this season, White, girly, and a hint of lace. Perfect!

6.Blue Flower Print Dress: 65.00- Oasis
Another girly dress. I like girly dresses and I think everyone should own one this season!

7. Patent Bow Pumps: £35.00- Oasis
Nude shoes are my go-to, match-everything piece. These Pumps have an extra cute white bow added.

I feel I have just supplied you all with cuteness-sickening-girly-overload. Apologies.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Festival Favourites

Last weekend saw Coachella mark the beginning of Festival Season, even though the current weather may make it very hard to believe! Although I am not heading to a festival this summer (Oxegen has been cancelled! Not fair!) I have put together my favourite festival pieces for those of you that are!

1. Black Sunglasses: £10.00 River Island
Because lets be honest, Sunglasses are a festival must! and these black ones are perfectly simple!

2. LA Vest: £20.00 Miss Selfridge
This is a really cute vest top, Beats boring plain White, and will be great for the daytime at a festival

3. Straw Hat: £10.00
Straw trilby hats have long been a summer and festival staple, and this one is great because it wont break the bank and has a cute little accent on the brim. 

4. Beaded Sandals: £18.00
This is a bit optimistic, especially if heading to a festival in the UK, but if you are lucky enough to be heading abroad for one then these sandals are perfect! The beaded ankle straps are so cute, and means they are easier to walk in than flip-flops.

5.Aztec Print Shorts: £32.00 Topshop
I love Aztec Print, so these shorts are definitely a must for me! plus the black and white colour palette, means they will work just as well in winter with a pair of tights.

6.Navy Rucksack: £25.00 Awear
This rucksack will be great for holding all your essentials while away from your tent, and looks so cute with most outfits.

7. Pink Raincoat: £56.00 Topshop  
A raincoat is definitely a must for UK festivals, as it usually always rains, and this little pink one has really nice crochet detail. The colour will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

Now I definitely want to go to a festival.... Oh dear, let the shopping begin!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Black and White.

Jeans Primark
Jewellery- Thomas Sabo, Citizen, Cath Kidston, 
H&M, Accessorize.

Wore this today, to meet my cousin for lunch, rolled up the sleeves on the jacket to make it slightly less dressy.

Love this jacket, I saw a Stella McCartney version about a year ago and have been on the hunt for a student-budget-friendly version ever since! Thanks to my mum, as she found this Zara beauty and got it for my birthday. 

This is the Primark version of the Alexander McQueen scarf that everyone and the gran seems to have now. They also appear to be selling one in every colour of the rainbow, but you can't beat the good old Black and White. 

Still feel strange just posing in front of the camera. Feel so awkward! Trying to get used to it soon! 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Like glitter's raining on me...

Rimmel: I ♥ Lasting Finish in 500 Disco Ball - £2.99 Superdrug

Usually I am a self confessed glitter hater! if its on clothes I will not wear it! (However I am partial to the odd tacky glittery shoe!)
However, Glitter nail polish I LOVE! This Rimmel colour (500 Disco Ball) was exactly what I needed to update my winter nail shades into spring worthy nails, it just manages to make things happier!
its not an opaque glitter, but I still do not think it needs a base colour, its looks really cute on its own.

I'm slightly afraid that it makes my nails look equivalent to that of a 7 year old girls, but I dont care! Wearing it out clubbing tonight and I'm already a bit overexcited by how cool it'll look when the lights hit it. Need a Life!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter! OOTD

Dress: Religion 
Blazer: H&M 
Bag: Next 
Jewellery: Argento,H&M,Citizen.

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone had a nice day and got lots of easter eggs! I went to a hotel with my family for dinner and took these pictures outside it because it was gorgeous. I would've got more but it started to rain, the Joys of Irish weather!!!

I got this dress in religion on Brick Lane when I went to London last weekend, and had to have it! I wish that I had taken these shoes home with me to wear with it instead of the brogues I am wearing but that's one of the issues of Student Life and airline baggage allowances! 
Got my hair cut yesterday too, and although its not VERY short, I feel like I've cut it all off because it had finally got so long! It grows quickly enough though, so hopefully it will be back to what it was soon enough! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Student Fashion Show.

Last week was Sunderland fashion week and the Bridges shopping centre held various fashion related events every day.
on Friday the Fashion Product and Promotion students from University of Sunderland held a fashion show. they designed and made all of the clothes themselves, and I was very impressed with the fact they made all the handbags themselves!
These students may well be the future of fashion design and this proves that they are likely to succeed.
These are some of my favourite outfits from the show!