Thursday, 15 August 2013

My makeup removal routine

With most things I don't really have a routine or things that I feel I have to do, but when it comes to taking my makeup off I'm pretty fanatic about it, and have to do it before I go to bed, (unless I'm a little bit drunk, because lets face it, I'm hardly perfect!)

I do have very dry skin though so I do need to be very careful about what products I actually use, as some have caused me to break out more than wearing makeup has. So I've had a few years of trial and error, but I seem to have found a few products and a routine that works really well for me.

I absolutely hate using makeup wipes to remove my makeup, especially since they dry out normal skin and mine is already dry, but I also feel they don't do a very good job of removing everything from my face.
Over the years I have sampled many cleansers, and the one I am currently using is one of my favourites. NO7 Cream Cleanser removes everything, while leaving my skin feeling moisturised and fresh. It easily removes eye makeup and dark lipstick too so that is definitely a bonus for a red lippy lover like me.

After cleansing, I use Nspa toning spray to freshen up my face and soothe any irritated skin. If my skin is especially dry I follow this with a small bit of facial oil, (it also helps me feel as if my skin has been spa treated, and not just done at home!) And then last but not least I follow this with a moisturiser. At the moment I am using my Nivea Q10+ day cream, (but am searching for recommendations of good night creams if anyone has one) which is especially good for daytime as it has SPF15 built in, and when you are fair skinned like me, every bit of SPF helps!

If I am having a pretty bad breakout I sometimes use a hot cloth to cleanse as this really helps clear my skin up, and of course a good face scrub is a total necessity. I really recommend this Simple scrub, as it thoroughly scrubs without being irritating.
I really recommend these products for dry skin as I have had a long hard search for good products which don't irritate my skin.


  1. I really love nSpa and Simple - really affordable but do the job perfectly :) xx

  2. I absolutely love the No7 Cleanser, it's the only one I've used for ages now & I can't see me ever needing a different one! I do want to try a balm type cleanser to go along with it though, I've got my eyes on the Clinique one at the minute :) I've been wanting to try some nSpa products for ages but I keep forgetting to look for them in ASDA!

    Hannah x