Thursday, 24 May 2012

Everything Changes.

I'm sitting here in my university room, that has been my home for the last 9 months and I'm feeling slightly sad. I have a love/hate relationship with this flat, (Mostly Hate) but the last few weeks have been so nice that I'm truly getting sad to leave. as I sit here, there are three of us left, and the other two people that live here are the two I get along with very well, so we've been wrapping up the year and getting sentimental.
Sunny weather has helped MASSIVELY. had a lovely little beach trip and went for a sunbathing session on a roof. burnt my face. Love being ginger.

I'm very excited about moving into a house next year with six of my friends, and having a bigger, nice room. so many things about halls are good, but there are so many things that annoy us all! For example the scuffle I had with two tumble dryers yesterday, that managed to make my clothes wetter than they had originally been! I'm also looking forward to not seeing an ugly naked guy every time I look out my window next year. (Think famous ugly naked guy from friends- except worse!!)

All that aside though, I honestly have had the best year of my life and I can only hope uni continues to get better and better. Living it up next year may not be as fun though, because lets face it, you're only a fresher once! I'm going to stop now before I make you all cry! #SoppyBlogPost

These are a few little pictures of my uni room, in a very tidy state (sort of). Yes, that is fruit you spy on my dresser, my kitchen cupboards not big enough. Before you gasp at my Nail varnish shelf, dont lie, we've all got one and if you dont, you wish you did!

The Pretty View from my window. A car park. looking forward to a better view next year!

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