Saturday, 5 May 2012

Big big apologies.

I am here to apologise big time for the lack of posts, and in advance for how little there will be for a while.
I have a big list in my notebook of posts I was planning, but this is the last week of uni and I have assingments to do and portfolios to sort out, and also, sad times, my beloved little Laptop has broken. Its only a year and a half old and shouldn't be broke, but there you have it! have left it in to get repaired and I wont have it for a week and a half, big time annoyance as I have my entire life on it! Hopefully they wont have to wipe my hard drive or I have a few sleepless nights of rewriting assingments ahead!! living in the library until i have it back to do work.

Sorry in advance,and I promise I have loads of posts ready when my laptop and my life are mine again.

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