Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A little Help.

I need to ask all my followers and readers for a little help, I'm trying to make myself work harder on my blog, and so spent today trying to get my head around redesigning.
After spending two full hours on a new layout, I decided I like the plain and simple layout I have best, but liked my new header, and now can't decide whether to keep the header or to move to my new one, so I have made a screenshot of the two side by side, and would like you to help me pick!

I would really appreciate your comments!


  1. Ok, I think the new one is too plain and I loved the first one. But i think maybe get 2 new photos for the first one and change the nails and skyline to something like the first two. and then make the font of the tag line the same as the title. I mean, you know I don't have a clue but hope it helped. Love you xx

    1. Haha thanks aves! the header is unfortunately one photo so I cant change any! thinking of brightening it up though.
      was thinking of changing the font yesterday though.
      thanks. xx

  2. I enjoy you taking my comments on board :)
    How can i get this blog on my iphone ....(yes i have an iphone now!)