Friday, 15 March 2013

Tea dresses and leather

My first outfit post in what feels like forever! I have roped one of my flatmates into taking these for me, and I really have to invest in a tripod. This dress sums up my style in one item. I like dress, collars and pleats, so this has all three. I like the contrast between the leather and the girliness of the dress. It is a bit of a tight fit though, so I probably should have bought a size bigger. (Or maybe I should just not have eaten that entire bag of mini eggs yesterday?!)

Wearing this today was definitely a mistake, as it looked deceptively warm this morning, and I regretted not wearing a coat the moment I stepped outside. When will winter push off and leave us alone? I would quite like it to be summer already. I have a lot of cute summer clothes in my 'save for later' basket on Asos and I want to be able to buy them with a chance of wearing them.  

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