Thursday, 14 March 2013

So many shoes, So little funds...

Zara womens shoes, high heels, midi heels, flats.

I always would have said that I was totally in love with shoes. When I was little I remember having various tantrums in Clarks when my mum wouldn't let me have the pretty princess style shoes that I wanted and instead made me buy sensible black school shoes. Even before I had much of a fashion sense (Take that as living in Jeans and badly fitting t-shirts) I could get a bit too excited about a nice pair of shoes.

However, in the last year or so I found myself falling out of love with anything other than majorly beautiful and expensive designer heels. Before going to London on work placement I realised that the one key thing I needed to purchase was some decent black shoes, but a full day shopping and I came home empty-handed. This is largely due to the fact that the high street were creating some absolute shocking shoe designs. No, I don't want Glittery wedges thanks, and those wedge trainers? Don't get me started! I think its probably because I'm very girly in the way I dress. If something doesn't make me feel elegant, or like I could be the next Disney princess, then I don't want to part with my money for it.

However, one high street store has come to my rescue and reignited my love for footwear. Step up Zara and let me have everything currently in your shoe section! From the most beautiful, girly ballerina pumps, to elegant midi-heels, I need them all. Yes, NEED! Now just to wait for loan day, but drive myself crazy looking at my bookmarks everyday until then. I've picked out some of my total favourites below, but this was a very hard decision to make!

So Many Shoes....

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