Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Style Inspiration: Kate Hudson

This weeks Saturday style inspiration is the beautiful Kate Hudson, who I never used to think of when asked for style inspirations, but after seeing her in this dress at the Tiffany Gala last week, I googled her and discovered that she has some amazing style!

Of course, as well as this, Kate has also been Elle's cover star for their May issue, and she looks stunning for that. The interview with her inside is hilariously funny as well. She always seems to be well dressed, and it appears that she has a wardrobe bursting with beautiful things, but then that probably happens when your BFF is the one and only Stella McCartney. With Goldie Hawn for a mother and Matt Bellamy as a FiancĂ©, it seems she always has a stylish person at her side too. 

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