Friday, 19 April 2013

So 20's not THAT scary....

It's been a while hasn't it? I've been home for the Easter holidays so I thought it would be nice to switch off so I could spend time with all the people I missed while I was away. Plenty of things happened while I was home, the biggest of which being- I turned 20!! Yes that's right, I am now officially no longer a teenager and am progressing into adulthood slowly but steadily.
That is a totally terrifying prospect, especially since I only have one more year left of student life. I avoided it for about a week, but eventually had to go changing my age on all my social networking bio's. That's a tedious job if ever there was one. 
Oasis Pattern Trouser H&M Jacket

Staying on the subject of birthdays but veering more towards the exciting bit, lets talk pressies! I got lots of attention, cake and fun times, but my family also spoiled me with the presents this year.
H&M Jacket
My sister bought me this gorgeous mint Jacket from H&M, which will be a perfect wardrobe addition for summer. I've wanted a tweed jacket for a while now, and I think stealing borrowing hers a few times made her realise its exactly what I needed. I love jackets, because they can change a look completely, as well as being the fash-signal to say that spring has finally arrived.

Oasis Pattern Trouser
The next beautiful present is courtesy of Mum, who definitely appreciates my love for a good pair of flowery, patterned trousers. I think I must look longingly at a pair nearly every time we go shopping, so she definitely got the hint on that one. Both her and my sister know me too well. I can't wait to style these up with some cute ballet flats and my denim jacket.

Having a birthday in springtime is brilliant, its basically a way to sort your entire new season wardrobe out in one go, and it definitely makes being 20 a little bit easier if I can look good while doing it.

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