Friday, 26 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition: Part 1

Sightseeing in Paris

Paris is my dream destination, and I'm currently the last person in my family that hasn't visited. I know, so unfair! I'm begging my sister to save up so that we can book a few days there this summer, just so I can stand outside Coco Chanel's house for hours and stare.

Street style in Paris is so chic and sophisticated  and this is my ultimate sightseeing outfit to blend in with the locals! The obligatory Breton top gets a cute 2013 makeover with some black lace trim from Warehouse (£21), and I would pair it with this midi length, Topshop skirt (£48), as this is such a simple, but classic look, and I would totally bag myself a hot french boyfriend dressed like this!

Speaking of bags, I've fallen in love with this Orange Zara beauty (£29.99), and this would add the necessary pop of colour to the monochrome look, (and lets all remember how much I love monochrome!) and its still big enough to hold all those essentials I carry but definitely do not need. And last but not least, the shoes! I know that for sightseeing it should be comfort all the way, but look at them, and lets face it, we should all suffer for fashion!

You can get the details on how to enter the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition by clicking here

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