Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Side swept hair

One celebrity hair trend I've been loving recently is side swept hair. There's something about it that can instantly glam up an outfit, and I love how it can make mad curly hair look sleek and polished. 

I've been wearing mine side swept recently, not just on nights out, but during the daytime as well. Some mornings my hair is a bit unmanageable, but a brush through and a few clips in the back and it looks like I've spent ages on it. Perfect for the mornings that I sleep in! 

My favourite celeb rocking the style has been Taylor Swift (no surprises there!) She has worn it on the red carpet a couple of times and managed to make it look different every time. I'm definitely still fangirling over her big time, so I'm sure she could wear a Bin bag and  I'd try it out! 

I definitely do love this new style though, and it makes a nice change from my standard style with minimal effort! 

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