Monday, 11 August 2014

15 pictures of kids so well-dressed you'll rethink your entire wardrobe

So much style. I need a shopping spree.

1) The breton/trench combo of your dreams

2) The best suit you've ever seen

3) You wish you could do urban style like this. I know I do.

4) The beehive/pearl combo that is ON POINT!

5) The gingham playsuit I need in my life

6) This floral dress and statement necklace combo

7) Tulle skirts. nothing else needs to be said.

8) The cutest blazer and white jeans you've ever seen

9) I wish my hair looked like this in a relaxed bun

10) This Beanie hat and DM's combo

11) The child that wears lace tights better than I've ever seen

12) Some of the best mini Sartorialist choices ever

13) Braces and a flat cap. How very hipster.

14) One of the best examples of scarf draping I've ever seen

15) And a kid who looks like they've stepped straight out of MIC

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  1. Cute photos :)
    Maria V.