Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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Perfume is one of those things that are totally personal to each person. scent can evoke strong memories in you in a way that none of the other senses can.

The first designer perfume I owned was Jean-Paul Gaultier classique. It was fresh and young, but made me feel oh-so sophisticated. I wore it all the time, and the smell still takes me back to being 16 and trying to sneak into bars, and spending time with friends.

Since then, my perfume collection has grown, and I no longer need to wear the same fragrance everyday, but i can still remember the situations that brought each beautiful bottle to my dressing table.

Lacoste - Touch of Pink £19.99-£29.99
I first got a bottle of touch of pink when I was about 17, and to my minimum wage self, it was a more purse friendly addition to my collection. I was able to feel like I had a designer input into my wardrobe, and it felt good to not have to sport a cheap celeb fragrance. (Who knew I was a snob even back then!)

Marc Jacobs - Daisy £23.50-£63.50
I bought this exact bottle of Daisy in the duty free section of the ferry on my way to uni for the first time. it has lasted me pretty well considering I wore it a lot over the last 3 years, but there is something slightly depressing about the fact that it's pretty empty now, just as uni comes to an end, as if it marks the end of my studenthood or something. but this is one of my favourites, and will forever remind me of student antics, and the amazing time I've had over the last three years.

Balmain - Extatic £36-£46
This little mini bottle is so handy to have, and perfect for carrying around in your handbag. The smell is distinctive and has a slight rock chick edge, in the kind of style you would expect from Balmain. I got this in a beauty bag when I worked at Star magazine back in March, which has definitely been one of my favourite placements so far.

Vivienne Westwood - Mon Boudoir £19.99-£38
This was also in my beauty bag from Star, and I didn't use it much at first, but now I have come to love it. It's the perfect spring/summer scent, as it's light and airy, and has some beautiful floral tones. It's one of those scents that's light enough to wear everyday and doesn't get too overwhelming.

LancĂ´me - La Vie Est Belle £43.50-£69.50
When this perfume came out it was one of those things where I didn't want to buy too much into the hype that it had created. I hate when bloggers and magazines big up a new release so much that I wait to buy it, and then I'm sorely disappointed and left with a big boots-shaped hole in bank balance. However, my mum wanted it, so being the generous daughter that I am I treated her to it, you know, so I could 'borrow' it. I loved it so much I went out and bought my own. Mum still has her own bottle so she's happy I haven't totally stolen her belongings.

All prices: theperfumeshop.com
Images: Niamh Stewart

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