Monday, 30 April 2012

Red Soled Shoes.

Tonight sees the launch of the long-anticipated (by me anyway!) exhibition of the work of Christian Louboutin. The exhibition, which takes place from tomorrow (01 May) until July 9th at the Design Museum in London.

When I first heard about the exhibition I was very excited and instantly started planning my attendance the last time I was in London, but I was over-eager and got the dates very wrong! However, I may still have the opportunity to attend and if I do, I will take that opportunity and run with it, possibly dragging my family along for the ride! (Much to my Dad's dismay....)

I have spent the last hour eagerly following the live tweets of the launch courtesy of Elle and Grazia and looking at Pictures on Vogue's website. I need to start saving for my dream pair. 

Every fashionista will appreciate Louboutin's work, and most people I know see them as being a work of art rather than just a shoe. From the Iconic, trademark Red soles, to the individuality of every one, the designer himself sees the shoes as special, but has said that one of the difficulties of the exhibition is that the shoes are being viewed as objects and not being worn. "When I am designing it starts from a sketch but is never complete until the moment of seeing it on someone's foot," he says.

Donna Loveday, the curator of the exhibit, wanted to explore the designers inspiration and background story when she started the exhibit twelve months ago. "When we started I knew that women adored his shoes," said Loveday, "but we wanted visitors to come away with an understanding of how he designs, what inspires him, and to look at his work in progress."

Below are some of my favourite shoes being featured in the exhibit.
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