Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Leather loving (all over again.)

I love a bit of leather, and apparently the whole of fashion does too at the moment because it is a massive trend. I have a few leather pieces in my own wardrobe, One leather jacket I adore, a leather skater dress and a black dress with leather panelling.

I remember being about 11 years old when leather was a big thing on the high street before, and my older sister and I begged for new clothes for Christmas when our aunty bought me a gorgeous leather skirt, which I still remember I loved more because it had hot pink lining! And my sister got a pair of leather trousers. I remember her wearing those a LOT, and now that its back in style I'm certainly loving it all over again, so I have gone through the high street and designer websites and found my key pieces that I think every girl should have in her wardrobe this season.

Leather I love

1. Peplum Dress - £29.99 H&M
I've said it before and I'll say it again, probably about 100 times, I love peplums. This dress grabs two huge trends and puts them together, and its under £30. Whats not to love?

2. Leather Biker trousers - £295 All Saints
Okay so these come with a pretty hefty price tag, but they are gorgeous, and the fit is really flattering. Although its hard to tell they're also a really nice plum shade so they are an upgrade on all the black leather. I honestly think they are an investment piece, and totally worth the price tag.

3. Contrast Mac - £85 River Island
Macs are the sort of coat that come in every year and are completely timeless, but sometime they can look so boring, because they've all been done before. This one however has a nice little upgrade on the leather sleeves, making it anything but boring, and yet the colour still makes it neutral and classic.

4. Red and Black top- £16.99
Yes I know, another peplum, but this is such a nice top with the contrasting colours and the sheer sleeves, its really unusual, and within probably every ones budget. I hadn't ever heard of this website before I went looking for leather pieces, but its a really nice site with a few cute pieces.

5. Black Bag- £95 Topshop
No girls wardrobe is complete without a classic black bag, and this one from topshop is no exception. Its real leather so that's a bonus and I really like the subtle detailing.


  1. Love the peplum dress. Gorgeous!

  2. I really wanted those trousers, I was going to buy them the other day. you may have persauded me sis.....