Thursday, 12 January 2012

What's in my Makeup Bag?

Feel like I've ignored the blog a little this last few days, but I've had assingments to for uni and all the usual things that eat up time! But anyway, now I'm back and decided to post about whats in makeup bag. This is generally the makeup I wear most days.

This is my makeup bag, its Betsey Johnson and I got it as a christmas gift a few years ago. I think its really pretty, and its also the perfect size for holding my makeup, but still being able to fit in my handbag.

A shot of the inside. apologies for the messy state! SO the first two products are MAC Skin Base Visage -£18.00 and the foundation I use which is MAC Studio fix fluid in NC15 - £19.50 (Yes very pale I know!) I find that MAC gives me the best coverage, although my skin does not require much coverage, but I also feel they hold the best range of shades and that this particular shade is the best I've found for my skin tone.

17 Hide & Chic Eye brightening concealer in light beige- £4.99
17 was never a brand I would've thought of buying, but when I got this for free during freshers week, I realised that this concealer is very good, and  nearly perfect match to my foundation, luckily I do not need to use concealer much on my skin, mostly under my eyes, but that this is a very good concealer.

Rimmel Day2Night Mascara in 001 black - £5.99
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest black - £4.99
I like mascara, and these are two of my favourites, I have lots of others but these are the two I took home with me from university. The Rimmel mascara is a lot better than I expected it to be before I tried it, and the Maybelline Mascara is one I've been using pretty much since I started wearing makeup. Creature of habit when it comes to beauty!

Barry M Kohl Pencil -£2.99
Rimmel glam-eyes eyeliner- £5.29
Models Own Pro eyeliner- £6.00
This makes it look like I use lots of Eyeliner when i actually dont. I do use the kohl pencil a lot, but i rarely use liquid eyeliner, as I cannot for the life of me put it on. I have tried and tried and practised for ages, but I just can't do it.The rimmel was free when I bought mascara, while the Models own one came from a goody bag I got at the clothes show in December.  I use the brown eyeshadow and the Rimmel eyebrow pencil to fill in my invisible eyebrows. such a curse being fair sometimes!

EsteĆ© Lauder signature Lipstick in 126 Nectarine -£19.00
MAC Lustre Lipstick in A81 Ladybug -£13.50
Having only recently started wearing Lipstick, I have discovered that Red lipstick suits me, and so its now the colour of choice for me. The EsteƩ Lauder lipstick, i find very drying on my Lips and also Im not overly fond of the colour as it is a little shimmery for my liking. However, the MAC lipstick is my favourite and i love the solid plain colour and the texture of it. It wears very well, and needs very little re-applications.

No7 Blusher in Soft Damson- £9.50
Rimmel Match Perfection Compact in True Ivory -£6.99
I really like this blusher, as it clearly needs replacing soon, and I feel the shade suits me well and its really well pigmented. This compact is what i take in my clutch on nights out as it mattifies my skin, and stops me looking shiny in photos.

Lastly, I know it isn't in my makeup bag but these are the eyshadows I use. This is Urban Decay Volume 2 and I got it as i gift for Christmas two years ago, and its still going strong. I like some colours better than others as is common with palletes. The colour thats nearly done is Sellout and I find it makes a nice base colour for everyday, and the blue shades remain untouched as I don't really like Blue eye shadow.
I'm going to promise to try and post more, but sometimes uni work will have piled up on me. Im going on a shopping spree next week so I will post all the things I bought.

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