Thursday, 26 January 2012

Silly silly Elle.

I am a self-confessed magazine addict, with Elle being my absolute favourite, and My future dream workplace.
However, right now as much as I love it, I have to admit how utterly stupid they have been, due to comments made in French Elle leading to a race row.

column praised black people for their new trend of dressing smartly, adding that in Obama's America "chic" has become a "plausible option" for a community until now stuck to "street wear". and this isn't the first time that French Elle has been the centre of such scandals, A few years ago, they blacked up white model Lara Stone for a shoot  and it caused an outrage that they were genuinely surprised at. 

They are also surprised at this outcry, and the editor has apologised that the piece has been 'misinterpreted'.

Personally, I fully agree with the outcry, and I feel that there are some amazing fashion icons who are black, Michelle Obama being the most famous and high-profile.

I am against this sort of thing being published and allowed through in major fashion magazines, but I certainly hope that Elle survives yet another backlash against it.

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