Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring is all around....

Lately I have started noticing gorgeous weather creeping up on us ever so slowly, and living in North East it is very easy to believe that it is summer at about 10 degrees! However, it has been sunny, and surprisingly warm (for march anyways)and Yesterday I was awoken by the gardener cutting the grass and it smelt like summer. I loved it. Today marks the official first day of spring, 17 days until my Birthday, and 10 days until I go to London for the weekend to visit my sister. Exciting times.

The warm weather has had me daydreaming of digging out my sandals and maxi skirts, as well as ditching the heavy jumpers and coats for a while. Although to me, a new season definitely just means one thing, an excuse to go shopping. (Although I rarely require an excuse.) Cue summery style Wishlist, which goes great alongside a summery soundtrack, fyi!

Flower Shorts-Topshop Pink Blazer- MissGuided Floral Maxi Skirt- NewLook Nude Studded Pumps- Topshop Nude Detachable Collar-Topshop Nude Pleated Skater Dress- Miss Selfridge

Clearly I love some Nude in summer! those shorts are too adorable and They just make me feel summery by looking at them. The collar has to be my No.1 item however, I have wanted a removable collar for so long, so that I can use it on A few different dresses I have, and even some t-shirts.

Cannot Wait for Summer!

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  1. I know the feeling. First day of spring and 15 degrees feels like Summer for England. Can't wait for weather that involves wearing skirts, sandals and not wearing a coat! x