Monday, 19 March 2012

Elegant Touch Pre-glued false nails. Review

False Nails in O'natural x-short. Elegant Touch available at boots and Superdrug.

I don't wear false nails very often, because I like my nails painted as I've said before, but last weekend I went home, and I was going out with friends and had forgotten to bring home any nail varnish, so went out and bought false nails.

These were a completely accidental purchase, as I thought I was picking up the unglued ones, but I am so very glad I made that mistake.
These nails are amazing. when I originally saw that they were pre-glued when I got them home I was debating whether or not to try them or to just try and return but I'm so glad I gave them a chance. The Major difference for me is how the glue on these doesn't damage your nails.
the glue on them doesn't dry hard like regular nail glue, allowing for slight movement, which also means that if you bang them a few times they don't fall off as easily, which is good as I am majorly clumsy!

To put this is in Perspective I first put them on Saturday night, and I didn't remove them until Thursday evening, and that was only so that I could have Green Nails for St. Patrick's Day!

one downside: if one or two do fall off, you cant stick them back on temporarily like you can other false nails, as the glue starts to lose its stickiness, But I don't think this is a major downside to be honest!

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