Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Week in Pictures.

AMAZING new Topshop shoes I am in love with, Tesco cookies, Beating my high score in Temple run, Biscuit Heaven, Train tickets 
to London, My fake McQ scarf (Primark), More Biscuit Heaven from Aldi, Plane Home, Ireland at night from a plane window, Best 
Takeaway ever!, Daddy's Charity Work, Reunited With Friends, Chinese takeaway with parents, Vivienne Westwood Easter Egg
New Makeup.

I know that a lot of blogs are doing this sort of thing already, and they probably show much more exciting things than I will, but I like the personal touch they give to Blogs. I won't do one every week, because some weeks are pretty boring, but Every so often I will.
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  1. The shoes are gorgeous :)

    Beautifull .