Monday, 5 March 2012

Inject a bit of Colour....

Polka dots: No7 'Totally Teal and millys manicure tip

Pink Colourblocked: No7 'Foxglove', Barry M 'Bright
Pink'and Nails INC. 'Warwick Avenue'

Striped Statement Nail: Rimmel 'Black Cherries' Barry M 'Grey'

Aztec Print: Barry M 'Grey' and 'Light Blue'

Just a small selection of my ever-expanding Nail Polish collection
I've always loved painting my nails. At school, I frequently got in trouble for having the brightest, boldest Nail Polish on, even though we weren't allowed to wear any, and I don't think an outfit looks right when I don't have my nails painted.

This obsession started off with just a few plain colours of polish, but have recently expanded into nail art. I'm not very good at it, but I'm just having fun and experimenting with different colour combinations and designs, while trying to improve what I can do. At the moment I'm sticking to spots and Stripes and basic shapes, but hopefully will be able to go ahead of this soon.

I've discovered a girls best friend in these simple designs- Sellotape! Do not underestimate what it can do for you, it keeps one part of the nails free from nail polish allowing you to be as heavy handed as you'd like, considering I don't have the steadiest hand ever.

Now, I'm not saying I'm gonna be the manicurist at WAH! nails or anything, in fact I'm not very good at it, but I like doing it and I think it can be a bit more effective than just plain polish and block colours. hopefully if I keep doing I'll get better, after all practice makes perfect!

One of my Favourite blogs is llymlrs and she often has nail art featured on her blog, and I saw recently that she talked about these nail pens, so I might just purchase these and practice.

I get some inspiration for designs from both her blog, Wah nails bar's twitter account, and Pinterest (Follow me HERE)

Ps. Apologies for the poor quality images. these were originally just taken to be put on Twitter so not intentionally for the Blog!

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