Sunday, 22 April 2012

Loan Day Lovelies!

Tomorrow is the day all you students out there have been waiting for. After (barely) surviving Easter break on your overdraft and parental handouts (and in my case, birthday money) You are all officially rich again. This calls for one thing, a Shopping Spree! Naughty me, well, lets just call it research.

1. Striped Maxi Skirt: £75.00- Miss Selfridge
This is my Ideal summer piece. Maxi Skirts are my favourite thing ever! this material and design is so feminine!

2. Glitter Sole Sandals: £50.00- Topshop
I am a self-confessed Flatform Hater! and although I have been told by Victoria that these aren't really flatforms, I do believe they are the closest thing to a pair that I have actually liked. they are everything I usually dislike in a shoe, but they are SO CUTE!

3. Bird Print Shorts: £18.99- Missguided
Printed shorts are one of the items that I find myself reaching for every summer. I love a bit of bird print too. and lets be honest, even if it wasn't loan day, the price tag wont have us passing out in shock!

4. Blue Stone Ring: £8.91- Etsy
I am constantly on the lookout for quirky jewellery, and this ring is different, without being too flashy. Also, what a BARGAIN!

5. White Cutout Dress: £37.00- Miss Selfridge
This dress ticks so many trend boxes this season, White, girly, and a hint of lace. Perfect!

6.Blue Flower Print Dress: 65.00- Oasis
Another girly dress. I like girly dresses and I think everyone should own one this season!

7. Patent Bow Pumps: £35.00- Oasis
Nude shoes are my go-to, match-everything piece. These Pumps have an extra cute white bow added.

I feel I have just supplied you all with cuteness-sickening-girly-overload. Apologies.

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