Monday, 16 April 2012

Black and White.

Jeans Primark
Jewellery- Thomas Sabo, Citizen, Cath Kidston, 
H&M, Accessorize.

Wore this today, to meet my cousin for lunch, rolled up the sleeves on the jacket to make it slightly less dressy.

Love this jacket, I saw a Stella McCartney version about a year ago and have been on the hunt for a student-budget-friendly version ever since! Thanks to my mum, as she found this Zara beauty and got it for my birthday. 

This is the Primark version of the Alexander McQueen scarf that everyone and the gran seems to have now. They also appear to be selling one in every colour of the rainbow, but you can't beat the good old Black and White. 

Still feel strange just posing in front of the camera. Feel so awkward! Trying to get used to it soon! 

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