Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Style inspiration: Angela Scanlon

I'm one of those people who could quite happily spend their life sitting on Google  with a cup of tea looking at pictures of people who inspire me. Angela Scanlon is a big inspiration to me style-wise, and i'll admit I had never heard of her until very recently, but now I'm a little (Not creepily) obsessed with her. I just love how laid back her style is, and how she manages to look so effortlessly put together all the time. I hate wearing jeans, because I always feel I look scruffy, but she manages to look so dressed up while wearing them, I am jealous!

I also love how much her personality seems to shine through in pictures and in her blog posts, she seems exactly like the kind of girl I'd love to be friends with, (and shes Irish so that makes her amazing obviously!)

I've spent the last three hours watching her on old Xposé videos. (I need to get back to Ireland to watch that  again soon!) and now I'm massively coveting her hair colour! Can I just be her?

All images sourced from google.


  1. She really does have great style! I love the floral blazer she's wearing, in the second image and are those velvet trousers?

    1. Yes they are Velvet! Aren't they amazing! I'm now on the hunt for a pair just like them. x