Tuesday, 6 November 2012

London Calling!

So as I mentioned previously, I spent the weekend in London, first attending a fashion Journalism workshop, but then meeting up with my sister who lives there and spending a few days with her.

Friday night consisted mainly of eating junk food, while watching the Help, which is SUCH a cute film, and getting an early night before our busy day on Saturday!

On Saturday we headed for the V&A museum, to see the costume exhibition that they have on at the moment. It is such an interesting exhibition, with many timeless and classic pieces as well as pieces from recent films, (Including Twilight which we found a bit strange) and each piece has quotes from the director, the designer or the actor who wore it. There are also video interviews with many of the designers and really good bits of information that I never realised. I unfortunately have no photos as the V&A don't allow photos, not good for bloggers! But I fully recommend the exhibit, and you still have plenty of time to go, it runs until the 27th January. Also Student tickets are only £9 and I think they are totally worth the money just to see Audrey Hepburn's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' dress up close.

Before heading to the exhibition we went for a little wander down the street, took a look at all the gorgeous houses in Kensington, and discovered the cutest bakery ever. It was decorated like a french Patisserie, and it had the most amazing hot chocolate I've ever had. It was better than Starbucks and if I lived in London I would need to have it everyday!

Enjoying the best hot chocolates ever!
After the exhibit we headed towards Harrods! and on the way passed my favourite shop ever which I had to resist even going into!


After a spot of shopping we went for dinner in Sloane square (We really really want to be posh London socialites!) and then we headed back towards Victoria to go and see a musical.

My sister works at St. James' theatre and at the moment there is a new musical playing called 'Daddy Long Legs,' which she hadn't seen yet, so we decided that we would go together. I loved it. It only has two cast members and it really is such a romantic story, I cannot recommend it enough. Afterwards we had a glass of wine, and headed home, and then just spent Sunday in bed watching films, before I had to be put back on the train to Sunderland Kicking and Screaming. 

I cannot wait to live in London!

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