Tuesday, 5 February 2013

In Good Company.

As I previously mentioned I'm currently in the middle of a two week placement at Company Magazine, and I am loving it!

I'm doing two weeks on the features desk, and I really am learning a lot, and it takes a lot more work than just making some tea (although that does have to happen occasionally of course!) 
so far in my two weeks, I've had an opportunity to see how a website gets put together (WAY harder than running a blog!!!) I've transcribed some interviews, which is great because it means I'm one of the first to hear all the gossip, and I've done lots of research.

Its a really nice thing to know that even though I won't have a byline in the issue, I will have contributed in some way to all the features, and it will be very cool when I read it and I see something I found in my research pop up in a feature, or I see the final write up of the interviews I typed up.

Of course doing such an internship means one very amazing thing. I get to spend two weeks living (or rather infringing on my sisters very small bed. Sorry Aveen!) in one of the most amazing, and fashionably inspiring cities. Every morning on my way into work I pass Liberty, Oxford Street Topshop, and even Jaeger head offices! I was also pleasantly surprised when I was just sitting in the office last week and Gemma Cairney walked in. Starstruck is an understatement for how I was. There was also a frenzy of excitement in the office when Liam Neeson was spotted downstairs in PrĂȘt, and my Northern Irish accent was put to one of its only good uses, by doing an imitation of that speech from Taken.
I love just being in the office of a fashion magazine, and now I really can't see myself working anywhere else! The environment is so inspiring, and its really fascinating to see how everything works behind the scenes, and I especially love watching how everyone writes, as they spend a lot of time brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other and I really like seeing that. Yesterday I was tidying around the office and I got a chance to look at back issues from really far back. (Like before I was born!) All these things, along with seeing how the styling is done for shoots, is really helping me see what I need to do in order to get working somewhere as soon as possible!

Also, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was ridiculously overexcited when I got my official email address and building access card. It really helps you feel very important, as does getting to see an issue, straight from the printers, a week before it goes on sale.

My sister and I also took a little trip to Harrods, (where I pretended to be a Disney Princess for a bit!) and then a little night on the town!


  1. sounds exciting! How did you manage to get a placement there?


  2. congratulations on your placement it sounds amazing! hope you enjoy the rest of it :)


  3. Wow that sounds so fun!How did you get your placement. Its all I've ever wanted to do as well :) x