Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vintage shopping made easier: 3 best boutiques

Vintage shopping can be like Marmite, you either love it, or you hate it. I love the unique items you can find, and some of the classic pieces that are a staple for every woman's wardrobe are nicest when they are vintage, but I hate the fact that some of them are so unique they only come in one size. So you find an item you absolutely love and it doesn't fit. so annoying.
Internet shopping has made so many things in life really easy. No more carrying heavy grocery bags home, no more queuing at the tills and no more actually having to get dressed and leave the house. vintage shopping is another thing that internet shopping has improved for the better. Due to the handy filtering features most sites have, you can take a look at the clothes that are in your size, or a even specific decade, so you can ensure you don't get too attached to an item you can't have.
These online vintage boutiques are the three that I love most, and that put the ease and enjoyability back into vintage shopping.

Rokit Vintage Store Logo
Rokit was my first experience of a vintage store, as I visited their Brick Lane store and fell in love with most of the dresses they stock. I came home, went online and discovered that their website was just as well stocked as their flagship store.

Love miss daisy vintage boutique
This vintage store has the best selection of vintage dresses I've ever seen. It displays very accurate measurements of all areas of the clothes, so there is little question about whether or not they will fit, just grab a tape measure!

Stellar Vintage Boutique
Stellar stocks some brilliant casual vintage pieces  and is great for finding those perfect denim shorts, and since the founder of the site has designed for topshop, the clothes will all be super stylish. It also stocks some amazing vintage homeware, so your house can look as good you do.

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