Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Win a Wardrobe is back!

I enter a lot of competitions online, especially when they offer me gorgeous freebies that I would never usually be able to afford. Last year I came across something that I thought was such a good idea, I didn't know why no-one had done it before. West Coast Cooler's Win a Wardrobe competition.

With this, not only do you get to win loads of fabulous clothes (and accessories) you have a say in what gets put in!  Every week a new category gets chosen, and you get to vote for one of three items, the most popular items every week get put together to make up the final amazing prize.

Now, its back in conjunction with Belfast Fashion Week. When I heard this news I couldn't be happier, another chance to win some amazing clothes? YES PLEASE! Just go to the facebook page for all the details on how to enter.
(This is open to NI residents only, so unfortunately my followers from other countries won't be able to enter!)

Win A Wardrobe. The Rematch

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