Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday Style Inspiration:Olivia Palermo

I've decided to start a new weekly feature, Saturday Style Inspiration! This week I've been Girl-crushing on Olivia Palermo, and coveting her entire wardrobe.

I love her effortless style, because let's be honest here, she doesn't feature on most street style pages for no reason. I also love her hairstyle, and I wish my hair looked that good all the time. She knows the importance of having key pieces in your wardrobe, and has mastered the art of statement clothes to tie everything together, and make every look different. My favourite look is the Tartan blazer pictured below. I just love the simplicity of the outfit, and how the jacket just makes her look stand out from the crowd. I could definitely take a few lessons in dressing myself from her!
 I'm going to watch The City now, Obsession isn't the word!

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